About the Book

Life is full of challenges that provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the choices that have brought us this far on our soul journey. Despite desiring answers to our deepest most introspective questions, we may hesitate to look inward for the answers, perhaps fearful of what we will hear within our soul. Yet even after we choose avoidance, our soul can be persistent, encouraging us to listen to the call of the Divine that urges us toward greater love.

In an enlightening, uplifting presentation, Rebecca Gabrielle details her spiritual journey as she learned to acknowledge and accept the call of her soul to change the course of her life. While inviting others to walk with her on the path to true love, Rebecca reveals how her heart was opened to face her shadows and inner-truths, eventually compelling her to take a leap of faith towards a life of deeper love and spiritual awakening.

The Power of Soul Loving is a spiritual guide for anyone ready to embrace personal transformation and soul growth. In sharing her story, Rebecca shines a light on how to face our fears, manage the discomfort of change, and shift towards compassion and self-love for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

One woman’s journey from despair to inner-freedom reveals the wisdom of our soul’s transformative power to unveil a life of true love.

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